Sorry or Sorry, Not Sorry?

In this week’s edition of the “What the Hell,” we have Mr. Tyrese Gibson and Gilbert Arenas.  (I actually had to google Mr. Arenas to see who he was).

I was minding my own business surfing through Instagram when I ran across  Mr. Arenas’ comments about dark skinned women and how many of them weren’t beautiful. He even went so far as to call out my girl, Lupita. And it wasn’t as if he was prodded, I mean dude just jumped on the ass end of someone’s post and would not let up.

And then, there is Tyrese, who is no stranger to derogatory comments about women who sleep with men too quickly instead of waiting years (I didn’t know there was a specific amount of wait time), and how they are the ones who actually end up with the good men in the end.  Like who, you, Tyrese?  Because good is relative.

To address the simply ironies, both of these men are poster children for stereotypes.  Tyrese was made famous for singing or as some might call it, ‘shuckin’ and jivin’ ’cause his drank was so tasty and for those too young to remember the reference to his commercial, he is most noted not even for the role he played in Baby Boy as the thieving, lying, baby making whore named Jody…and most recently, his car stealing in Fast and whatever number we are on…but I digress.

I’m maturing.  I know this because years ago, hell, even months ago, I would have been seething at these comments, but now, they just make me chuckle.  See, I get it now.  Me ranting about how much these men make me sick and talking about what some might see as “mother issues” is now beneath me.  Mr. Arenas and Mr. Gibson, you two don’t like dark-skinned women (yes, Tyrese, I remember the comment you made years ago about not doing black girls “a favor” by casting them in your videos). And Mr. Gibson, now we ladies need to worry about not being labeled sluts if we want to get a good man.  Noted.

I can respect your (possible) mother issues, your rejection as young men by dark-skinned women, the girl on the block who fucked everyone BUT you, your issues with your own skin color, or just the general ignorance you bear as it relates to your own race.  But do us all a favor and stop apologizing.  You see, these apologies for me feel like someone drew their fist back, and punched me right in the face only to come back a day later with a few ice cubes in a towel saying sorry.  Mr. Tyrese Gibson has set us up for his whack assed apology by telling us that “one was coming” and that he was basically prodded by his therapist whereas Mr. Arenas is still strolling through the malls basically mocking those people who know who he is AND read what he said.

I think I am like most people in the United States who does not like #45.  What I can respect about him, however, is his ability to have the balls to say what he means and not take it back.  If the three of these guys were my only options for marriage, I would definitely choose #45.  Why you ask?  Because at least with him, I would know that there would be very few surprises.  He is what my old boss would have called “a straight shooter.”

But since we are clearing the deck, being born light-skinned is not a talent, just like being born dark-skinned is not a curse. And if a woman wants to fill her vagina with a bunch of different penises, that’s her business and it does not make her a slut just as marrying a light-skinned woman who chose to hold out does not make her a good girl nor does it make you lighter.

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