The Shit Show: Featuring Betsy DeVos

What did we do in our last life?  Were we the oppressors of Moses and his people?  Were we advocates of Hitler?  Did we murder little children?  Because this is how I feel right now.  That I have been made to suffer some insurmountable pain by having president-elect trump (all lower case letters) only to be slapped once again by the shit show that I endured last night watching “Messy Betsy” discuss nothing related to education at all.  Seriously?  We couldn’t get anyone else for this position?  Was Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, Key and Peele, Morgan Freeman, or my guy, Lawrence Fishbourne not available?  At least these individuals have acted in education-based roles.  But no, we have this person.

I remember applying for a very well-known here in Chicago.  I had to teach a lesson, be interviewed twice, (both times by several people) produce my credentials which included National Board Certification, a degree in English and a degree in Fine Arts, 12 plus years as an educator, 10 years at the time in Chicago’s public school system, two years in a very prestigious school in Atlanta, department chair, IST team member, AVID elective teacher, ILT lead, and was told I did a phenomenal job during EVERY-SINGLE-INTERVIEW.  And I still didn’t get the job!

Apparently, I was overqualified regarding experience (which means more pay for CPS), and maybe I should have applied for Betsy’s role.  Though I doubt complexion and 5 digit salary would allow me to walk into former President Bush’s office and from a mere conversation, make me eligible for this position as Betsy did.

I’m just a tad bit nervous.  I’m nervous because despite the fact that Trump lost the popular vote, that he is still able to carry on with business as usual while pulling in people who have a very narrow margin of what integrity, democracy, and equality looks like.  I’m even more nervous that he has awakened monsters and encouraged groups of misogynists and racists to such high positions of power when their agendas are clearly not for the American people as a whole.  I am also very discomforted by him sprinkling around a handful of house negroes like #saltbae thinking that the African American community should take solace in this.

I have a feeling that folks are going to look back on the days of Obama and think of them as the days of milk and honey.  And though President Obama was not by far perfect, one of his most amazing qualities was his ability to understand the human plight.  Everything I have read in my Higher Education classes tells me that Betsy is the worst choice possible.  And for those of us who have stated that education could use a reform in light of the very misconstrued data on public education, just remember that all change does not mean growth, and all movement does not mean forward.

God help America…

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