Sometimes words be like knives, we use them to stab at others
sometimes for protection,
and sometimes for pure malice

Sometimes words be like drive-bys
bullets ripping through the body with
no one particular intended…tearing up organs
or leaving scars.

Sometimes words be like hot coffee; soothing and awakening
other times, that coffee go down hard and hot, numbing the tongue and the chest

Sometimes words be like oil and lotion, rubbed on ashy legs
soothing to the skin, attracting dirt and grit and little pieces of life at the bottom of your feet

Sometimes words be like stomach acid breaking down and dissolving,
good for eating away the unnecessary and leaving the essentials

Sometimes words bring forth tears
tears hot and streaming smearing thoughts, evoking pain and memories…

If words had to be purchased, we would use them more carefully
we wouldn’t use our last
to say the unnecessary

but they cost nothing
except hurt
if you’re lucky, LOVE
if you are unlucky
a night’s sleep
if you are foolish and stubborn, a lifetime

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